2. Scholarship Evaluation

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Scholarship Evaluation Regulations for International Students of

Taiyuan Normal University

These regulations are set up in accordance with the Document No. JJWH(2016) 12 by the Education Department of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province, with the combination of the specific educational circumstances for international students of Taiyuan Normal University.

Chapter I  The Purpose and Principle of Scholarships

Clause 1  The Scholarship for International Students is established for international students enrolled by Taiyuan Normal University to attract more international students come and inspire them to study hard at the university. The scholarship is evaluated and granted on the principles of “Equity, Fairness, Publicity and Merit”. The scholarship as a special fund shall be evaluated by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, approved by the Vice President in charge of the international cooperation to carry out.

Clause 2 The scholarship is allocated for international students of Taiyuan Normal University who are pursuing degree or attending language training classes for more than a year. The number of scholarship students will be determined according to the number of international students, their comprehensive achievements and other factors of the academic year.

Chapter II  Scholarship Types

The university sets up four types of scholarship as follows to award with certificates of honor for international students studying at our university more than one academic year based on their academic achievements, disciplinary performance, financial difficulties and other factors.

First-grade Scholarship:    RMB 8,000 yuan;

Second-grade Scholarship:  RMB 6,000 yuan;

Third-grade Scholarship:   RMB 4,000 yuan;

Special Scholarship:       RMB from 2,000-4,000 yuan.

This scholarship will be set up according to the special skills, excellence performance or economic difficulties of international students, and vary from year to year.

Chapter III  Scholarship Evaluation Standards

Clause 1 The eligible Scholarship candidates shall abide by Chinese national laws, regulations, and university codes, who never receive any disciplinary punishments.

Clause 2 Scholarship candidates shall respect teachers and socially sound with classmates and take care of the class and the university.

Clause 3 Scholarship candidates shall work hard and pass all the exams of courses.

Clause 4 Scholarship candidates shall abide by the classroom instructions, be outstanding in all evaluations of the academic year without absence and cheating in exams.

Clause 5 Scholarship candidates shall be students without suspension or extension of their study in last academic year.

Clause 6 Scholarship candidates shall never owe any fees and be unregisters in the prevailing academic year.

Clause 7 Scholarship candidates shall actively participate in extra-curricular activities organized by the University or the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges.

Chapter IV  Scholarship Evaluation Procedure

Clause 1 The scholarships will be awarded once per academic year. the International Cooperation and Exchanges sets up the Scholarship Assessment Team, and organizes the evaluation of the scholarships by the evaluation team, including the Director and the administrative staff of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and the representatives from international students, .

Clause 2 The Scholarship Assessment Team will select the excellent students as the scholarship candidates based on their comprehensive performances and achievements.

Clause 3 The list of scholarship candidates will be publicly displayed in the university for one week.

Clause 4 The Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges organizes the awarding ceremony and issues certificates and scholarship to the scholarship candidates. These prize winners would be canceled the scholarships if they break the law, regulations or codes of the country and the university during the period of scholarship evaluation and issuing.

Clause 5 The regulations are to be interpreted by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and come into action on the date of implementation.

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