4. Attandences and Examinations

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Management Regulations on Attendances and Examinations for the

International Students of Taiyuan Normal University

These regulations are set up to strengthen the class and examination disciplines and regulate the teaching and educational activities for the international students.

Clause 1 International students must attend all the teaching activities specified on the teaching programs, abide by class rules and attend classes on time. They must not be late for class, leave class earlier, or absent without reasonable ground. The score of those students who are late for class will be deducted 0.5 points, and those who are absent in class will be deducted 1 point. Students who are late for class more than 30 minutes will be counted as absence. Students are required to sign in and sign out in each class and those who don’t sign without any reason will be regarded as absence from class.

Clause 2 International students who are unable to attend classes or activities organized by the school due to personal reasons must ask for leave in advance. They should ask for leave to the instructor of the international students with the period less than three days; and ask for leave to the administrator of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges with the period less than a week; and apply for leave to the Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges with the period more than a week. Besides, those who ask for sick leave should bring hospital medical certificates.

Clause 3 International students enjoy all the Chinese public holidays, as well as summer and winter vacations. The international students who cannot return on time must ask for permission two weeks in advance for the extension of their vacation. During the winter and summer vacations as well as school hours, if students do not return to the university without any reason after two weeks of leave, they will be expelled from the university.

Clause 4 International students who always violate the school disciplines, such as absent or late for class, leave early, vandalism, fighting or other bad actions, will be punished according to the seriousness of their cases. The international students who are absent without asking for leave or without approval of leave are considered absence in class, and will be punished under school regulations.

Clause 5 International students must ask for leave in person, others could do so unless there is sudden illnesses or something urgent. If international students have to extend their leave, they should ask for leave extension before the leave expires. Otherwise they will be regarded as absence and punished under school regulations.

Clause 6 International students are forbidden to meet visitors and go around during class hours. If there is something emergent, they should get permission from their teacher or instructor before leaving class.

Clause 7 International students must not preach or launch religious assembly in China. If attending other religious activities, international students must abide by the relevant rules on religious activities for foreigners in China. If they violate Chinese laws, they will be expelled from the university.

Clause 8 International students must not have any jobs, do businesses or carry out other commercial activities (except for the part-time jobs designed by the university). International students will be given serious warnings if their violations are found for the first time, and probated by school disciplines if they are found once again, while expelled from the university if they still violate the rules.

Clause 9 International students whose score is deducted more than 15 marks in attendance, will be deprived the chance of obtaining scholarship; whose truancy rate for one course exceeds 20%, will be canceled for the qualification to attend the test of this course; whose absence for class exceeds 25 teaching hours, will be expelled from the university.

Clause 10 International students should keep the classrooms and corridors clean. One student will be assigned on duty every day according to the student numbers for classroom sanitation. Only teachers are allowed to use the computers of the classroom. It is highly forbidden to play music in class as it will cause disturbance for other students, and to scribble on the desks or on the walls.

Clause 11 International students should be supervised by their teachers and instructors together during their examination. The invigilators should emphasize on the examination disciplines for the international students in advance, and invigilate strictly during the examination hours. Those students who break the disciplines will be punished solemnly based on the relevant rules.

Clause 12 International students would be given warnings and deducted certain scores from their final grade if they break the exam disciplines for the first time; and would have their test papers taken away and grade“Zero”as the score of this subject by the invigilators for the second time. At the same time, invigilators should send the information of those students to the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and the Department will give this student relevant punishments according to the Code of Punishments for Disciplinary Offence of International Students.

Clause 13 These general regulations will be effective from the date of issue. The Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges reserves the right to make final interpretations of these regulations.


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