7. Apartment Management

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Accommodation Management Regulations for International Students of

Taiyuan Normal University

These regulations are set up in order to strengthen the dormitory management and create a peaceful and harmonious living environment for international students.

Clause 1 Accommodation Registration Procedures: International students should register at the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges first, and then register in the Dormitory Administrative Office for accommodation. After reading the Accommodation Management Regulations and paying the accommodation fee and deposit, students should sign for lodging in after checking up the furniture and equipment within their rooms. And contact with the administrative staff if they have any questions.

Clause 2 International students should follow the arrangement of the administrative staff and live in the designated dormitory without complaints. The room designated should not be transferred, exchanged with others, or rented out. No external person is allowed to lodge in or stay overnight in the room. All students are warned not to engage in illegal activities in the dormitory. Those who are engaged in illegal activities in the dormitory shall receive a Deferred Suspension or Expulsion from the University.

Clause 3 The resting time in dormitory are 12:00 am2:00 pm and 11:00 pm7:00 am of the following day. All students are required to maintain a quiet environment and are not allowed to conduct activities disturbing others, such as dancing, speaking loudly, and playing music or musical instruments loudly and so on. Violators will receive Oral Warning for the first time and Witten Warning for the second time.

Clause 4 It is mandatory that all students are prohibited to raise any pet in their dormitory, and should dispose of all the waste or rubbish by themselves to keep their rooms, corridor toilets and the environment clean and tidy. Littering from windows or balconies and throwing objects from high altitude are extremely hazardous and therefore are strictly prohibited. Students who do so will be suspended from school as soon as they were discovered, and students whose wrongdoing causes injuries and deaths should not only pay the medical and other expenses but also receive expulsion from school. Routine inspection from the university will be carried out on the dormitory of the international students.

Clause 5 International students are prohibited to damage, dismantle, and retrofit all the furniture and equipment in their rooms or public areas. Otherwise those students should pay the loss or damage of these property. When the responsibility of damage cannot be attributed to a particular student, all students having access to the room or area within the hall of residence will be deemed to be equally responsible. Students should allow the administrative staff or duly authorized persons to enter into their rooms for undertaking regular maintenance or sanitary inspections at all reasonable hours. Those who have any confrontational behaviors will receive more serious disciplinary sanction than Oral Warnings.

Clause 6 Be aware of the safety of electricity and fire disaster, and pay attention to the conservation of power and water. Disorderly connecting power lines, retrofitting the switch boxes or/and fire equipment are extremely prohibited. Otherwise the students will receive Oral Warnings for the first time, and Deferred Suspension or Expulsion for the second time. It’s prohibited to store flammable and combustible objects, and to use high-power electrical appliances (over 1,000W), such as electric rice cooker or electromagnetic oven, etc. If these objects are found or fire warning is alarmed due to their personal behaviors, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges will confiscate these objects and cooking appliances, disqualify the students for accommodation, give Deferred Suspension or other more serious disciplinary punishments.

Clause 7 Money and valuable properties should be kept carefully. Students are required to lock the door when they are out of the room and keep the key card carefully without transferring it to others. If there has anything lost, students should inform the administrative staff about the exact time and place of misplacement of their belongings as soon as possible.

Clause 8 In order to keep the personal and property safety of the international students, visitors to the dormitory of international students should register at the Entrance Reception before meeting the students and inform the Entrance Reception when leaving. Visitors without valid IDs are prohibited to enter into the dormitory. If the visitors enter into the dormitory without registration, the administrative staff on duty is authorized to call campus police to drive them out. The open visiting time is 7:00 am - 10:30 pm, and visitors must leave before 11:00 pm., they are forbidden to stay overnight at the dormitory of international students.

Clause 9 International students should take good care of the fire-extinguishers. It’s strictly prohibited to move or damage the fire-extinguishing equipment, or set on fire alarm for no reason to cause panic. Violators will receive different punishments according to the severity, ranging from Written Warnings to Expulsion from the university.

Clause 10 International students must live in the dormitory within the campus, and there are two students arranged to live in each room. If someone wants to live alone, he/she should apply for it to the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges and pay double accommodation fees. If it is available, he/she can be arranged to live in one room.

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